Dennis, I wanted to give you a big thanks for all of your help.  Last month, two weeks before the Twin Cities Marathon that I committed to run with my two sons, my ankle came up lame.  With your efforts, and the rebuilt insole, I was able to complete a life event with my boys.  Now I have the picture I dreamed of on my desk of the three of us arm in arm after finishing 26.2 miles.

Joint Effort Rocks!  Many many thanks.

Wes Roberts

The entire staff was friendly, courteous, and supportive. I really appreciate Louise taking the extra time to thoroughly explain the purpose of manipulations and how they related to anatomy and function. I also appreciated the innovative thinking of exercises in relation to day to day application (i.e. bear rolls). Thanks again to the great staff!

Photo credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service

Thanks to Louise and A Joint Effort Physical Therapy, with 3+ months of hard work, this weekend I was able to get out and do something I never thought I’d do again. Louise always knew I could get back to my self after having such devastating injuries, everyone that knows what had happened says I’m a miracle, but Louise has a lot to do with it, so I thank her with all my heart. 

Alec Valdez

I want to thank everyone for working with me and helping me regain a lot of mobility… I also want to thank everyone for making me feel welcome there.  I didn’t know what to expect because I had never needed physical therapy prior to this.  Everyone’s kind and professional demeanor really helped to put me at ease.  You guys are the best.

Pamela Sandell